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Heart-Opener Yoga Flow

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February, the month of love. I encourage you to have a love affair this month, with your soulmate, the one who has never left your side and never will. YOU! Instead of looking outside for love start looking internally and start treating yourself with all the love that you deserve. As your heart opens you will find yourself becoming more available to love others. True love starts from within and at this class we will practice giving our own hearts, bodies and minds some good loving.

When we practice self-love, we get inspired to give more to others which forms an invitation for more of the same to come back to us. You will notice that as you cultivate the same kind of relationship with yourself that you expect from other people, you will become stronger, more independent, and more able to attract and accept healthy, genuine love.

Our practice will start with Pranayama (breathing exercise) to connect with our breath and prepare to open our hearts, bodies and minds.

We move into a 40 minute heart opener flow and finish with 15 minutes of guided meditation.

Come out and play. You will feel open, refreshed and happy leaving this class!

(all levels welcome)

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